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Revolutionary Math Program For Children

Developing the crucial academic skills in math is vital to setting a good foundation to a successful future for children. Math Monkey is a revolutionary supplemental Math Program For Children from the US. It caters to children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old. With a curriculum that understands kids, our innovative math enrichment that helps children excel in math in a fun and engaging environment. We moved away from the conventional "drilling" and worksheet based method of teaching math. Instead, we aim to instill an interest in math in the children. Math Monkey takes the mystery out of math and turns your child into a thinker!

Building Your Child's Confidence

Without the right math for children training, your child may be embarking on years of constant worry and stress trying to cope with math within the school system. We build your child's confidence by imparting in them the right concepts, skills and knowledge to master math. Our experienced skilled tutors and assistants will make your child feel confident and enthusiastic as they learn mathematics in a whole new way.

Tailor-Made Math Enrichment Program

Math Monkey math for children and kindergarten math programs are tailor-made for kids with various levels that build their mental agility and develop their critical thinking. Our specially-designed math enrichment programs offer a fun and nurturing learning experience that is truly second to none. We teach more than just Math! Our games based curriculum encourages children to think on their feet and nurture mental agility, creativity, independence, teamwork, concentration skills and sportsmanship in them. Two personality traits that are important to cultivate are tenacity and perseverance. Math Monkey makes this easy through our carefully researched game based program. Enrolling your child in Math Monkey maybe the best possible investment in your child's future success.
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